What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic Designing is commonly known as Visual Media or Visual Communication that uses various software/applications to create a visual representation of communications, thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Graphic Design refers to both product designing which is generated through designing process communication. Graphic Designing is a static representation that is made on a computer using different elements like Text, Images, Colors, Background, and Drawings. Graphic designers use many different kinds of techniques like typography, visual arts, concept art, and concept creation in order to produce the finishing results.

Graphic Designing mainly used to design logos, brochures, visiting cards or business cards, Id cards, Stationery designs, Newspapers, Journals, Advertisements, Product designing, packaging, and also includes print and publishing.

Graphic Designing is the perfect and proper career for the candidates who has drawing skills and art knowledge, It can be the best choice for one who is passionate about designing with creativity. This field has immense scope in the advertising industry with a basic salary scale starting from 10,000 for a fresher and the candidates who are experienced with good creativity will earn more than 25000 per month.

Job Opportunities for Graphic Designers:

Newspapers Industry                 Graphic Design studios

Publishing Industry                    Television (TV) Channels

Advertising Industry                   Website design companies

Basic Module

1 month of Training

Basics in Graphic Designing

Complete Tools Training

Basics in Graphic Design Certificate


Median Module

45 Days of Training

Intermediate Graphic Designing

Complete Tools Training

Mastering in one Topic / Tool 

Advance Module

3 Months of Training

Diploma in Graphic Designing

Complete Tools Training

On job Training, Industry relevant Curriculum

Projects & Assignments 

Adv Prof Module

4 Months of Training

Advance Professional Diploma in Graphic Designing

Complete Tools Training

On job Training, Industry relevant Training

Printing & Publishing technology

Projects & Assignments

Portfolio Development


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