Visual Effects (VFX)

What is Visual Effects (VFX)?

Visual Effects is often called as VFX in the Media and Entertainment sector, VFX plays a vital role in the film industry or film making it involves combining/merging/blending live-action videos or footages and computer-generated footages (CGI) without a glitch to produce environments, landscapes or scenes demanded by the script, VFX has not only achieved popularity in the Hollywood but also in the Indian film industry like Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood. VFX allows us to create risky, impossible, or extremely difficult environments that are difficult to create in the actual world.

VFX can be elected as a great and wonderful career choice which is gradually increasing its popularity across the world as more and more cinemas or films use this dynamic segment as a tool to narrate a story with cost-effective. VFX is also used in many industries like health care, Agriculture, E-Learning, Engineering, Security demonstrations, television commercials and etc., VFX includes specializations like Lights, Matte Painting, Compositing, Rotoscopy, Tracking, Wire removals, Stabilization, Chroma keying, Text effects, color correction, and Restoration. It has a demanding job opportunity in the industry.

Job Opportunities for Visual effects artists:

*Youtube Publishers

*Television & Film Industry

*News, Media & Advertising Commercials


Basic Module

45 days of Training

Basics in Editing & Effects

Complete Tools Training

Basics in VFX Certificate


Advance Module

3 Months of Training

Diploma in Visual Effects

Professional Video editing

Core Visual Effects Training

On job Training, Industry relevant Curriculum

Projects & Assignments

Adv Prof Module

6 Months of Training

Advance Professional Diploma in Post Production

Professional Tools Training

Professional Editing

Professional Visual Effects

On job Training, Industry relevant Training

Projects & Assignments

Portfolio Development


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