What is Web Designing?

Web Design is the art and intelligence of creating given content like Text, Images, Videos and sound for a website which actually hold the information on the world wide web about a Company, Individual or an Organization. Using some of the Adobe applications like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator designing a website involves the clubbing of different web pages into a single informative site.

A website is something which actually holds the company information their team, mission, vision, motto, services, gallery, press meets, blogs, offerings and much more information of its customers, products and stakeholders.

In this creative Era website designing has become one of the most eligible and preferred career course among today’s youngsters, website designing is used by many of the marketing professionals and leading companies to flow in demand for web design. Web design professionals and those who are creative will really enjoy fresh developing the enriching websites day by day. Today’s economy is welcoming many web designers from the market who can really exhibit high creativity by offering them great rewarding salaries in the industry.

Job Opportunities for Web Designers:

Web Developer                      web graphic designer

Web visualizer                        web template designer

Web layout designer              web front end designer

Basic Module

1 month of Training

Basics in Web Designing

Complete Tools Training

Intro to coding

Basics in web Designing Certificate


Median Module

45 Days of Training

Intermediate in web Designing

Complete Tools Training

Mastering in one HTML / CSS 

Advance Module

3 Months of Training

Diploma in Web Designing certificate

Complete Tools and coding Training

On job Training, Industry relevant Curriculum

Projects & Assignments

Adv Prof Module

4 Months of Training

Advance Professional Diploma in Web Designing 

Complete Tools and mastering coding

On job Training, Industry relevant Training

Bootstrap, E-commerce website, WordPress

Projects & Assignments

Portfolio Development


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